Virtual Set Creation

Virtual sets are a cost-effective way to feature your on-camera talent in the setting of your choice. Your talent can stand on the Great Wall of China or in a newsroom, without leaving our Green Screen Studio. Multi Media provides virtual set design and creation to our customers, either by modifying existing virtual sets or developing custom virtual environments. Typically, the talent is filmed in a green screen studio and then during post-production the green screen is replaced with the final virtual environment. Each set is a photorealistic 3D environment developed by designing, modeling, texturing, lighting, and rendering for use with all programs designed to handle video and chroma key editing. Let our creative team create your next virtual set!

Virtual sets are created to mimic:

  • Scenic locations
  • Office or corporate environments
  • Sports related environments
  • Stages and theatrical environments
  • TV sets and newsrooms
  • Classroom settings
  • Medical or clinical settings
  • Home and social environments
  • Travel destinations